Monday, October 13, 2008

PAC's Tobias Ortwein Featured in SAP Insider

PAC's own Tobias Ortwein, who is a SVP and a regular contributor to our SAP Services research, has just been featured in a special edition of SAP Insider for SAP Services EMEA, including his article entitled "The EMEA Market for IT Services — Is There Really Only One?"

Here is an excerpt:

"To successfully address a client’s unique
IT needs, a service provider must recognize the nuances
that the client’s location and IT maturity level bring to
bear. Otherwise, they’ll lack the expertise to
identify the kinds of IT services their clients need."

Tobias goes on the compare and contrast the mature IT markets of Western Europe with the emerging, more dynamic ones within Eastern Europe. Very interesting insights, I strongly recommend subscribing and/or checking out the recent issue!